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Support and demand the safe passage
of all vulnerable people from Afghanistan

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Who we are

We are a civilian initiative that is aware of and accepts its responsibility towards the Afghan people. With the help of your donations and our efforts, we have already succeeded in evacuating over 2,700 people and supporting thousands more in their evacuation. But we are far from finished and we will continue!

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Our Mission

We have become a contact point for Afghans at risk, have networks on the ground, know the best evacuation routes and campaign in Germany for the admission of people at risk. We work every day on evacuations and for a promise of admission for Afghan women at risk.

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  • Kabul Luftbrucke does NOT have any authority to grant admission of approval to anyone. If you hear or witness anyone making such statements, it is fake! Here is just one example of many:

  • In today's press release from the BMI and AA, the ministries announced the start of the humanitarian admission program for Afghanistan, which vulnerable individuals and their families have been waiting for for over a year. Access to the program will be limited by only being able to apply through selected NGOs, which will be overloaded with the task. Once again, it is civil society that is expected to bear the government's protracted assumption of responsibility. Kabul Luftbrücke criticizes severely limited access to the program.

  • Our first evacuation mission started a year ago. With the help of a chartered Airbus A320, we wanted to fly 170 threatened Afghans out on the night of 28-29 August 2021. Our plane took off with only 18 people. Our first evacuation had failed in large parts. But we kept going. Our first flight was not to be our last. On 13 November, our second charter flight took off and 148 people who had been persecuted by the Taliban were evacuated. Even though our name stands for evacuations by air, we evacuated most people by land, often by bus to Pakistan. And we are not stopping. Since our first flight in August 2021, we have helped 2713 people leave Afghanistan safely and legally.

Further updates

Who are the people we are evacuating from Afghanistan?

The people come from different sectors of society: judges, intellectuals, climate activists, athletes, LGBTIQ people, women’s rights activists and many more. Countless others are still on our lists and are still stuck in Afghanistan.

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