Donate for Kabul Luftbrücke!

Thanks to your donations, we have already been able to evacuate more than 2,500 people from Afghanistan.

To save more lives, we need more donations. A transport from Afghanistan alone for about 300 people via a neighbouring country to Germany or another European country costs around 600,000 euros. With your donation, together we can manage to help many more vulnerable people to escape!

For the past year, we have established different ways of evacuation by air and land and have been able to bring people to safety, even after the closure of Kabul airport and the withdrawal of the German Armed Forces. The evacuees come from different backgrounds: Thanks to your donations, human rights and women’s rights activists, Bundeswehr personnel and media workers were brought to safety from the Taliban.

That is why we need more allies now, that is why we need you! In order to be able to plan for the medium term, we want to gather many allies to keep the Kabul Airlift going with regular donations. Even the smallest contribution helps!

We have built structures to be able to advise and support more people in the medium term. And we are still evacuating. By land, by air, via several neighbouring countries. Why are we better at this than the Federal Government? Because we take our expertise directly from Afghanistan. At our headquarters in Berlin, many of the evacuees are now working with us. With their help, we have now found ways and means to continue evacuating people, but that only works with you as allies!

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Donate now by bank transfer:

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Information on donation receipts:

In principle, you do not need a donation receipt for the tax office for donations up to 300 euros.
A self-generated account or online bank printout is sufficient as proof of the donation. It is important that your name, the account number and our data as well as the date of booking, the amount and the actual execution of the payment are visible. Please also keep the simplified proof of donation that we have issued.

2. If you have donated via the donation form:

In the donation form, you can choose whether we should send you a donation receipt. If you answered yes to this option, you will automatically receive the donation receipt by e-mail in the spring of the following year.
If you need the donation receipt more urgently, please contact us here (click on the link next to this field on the right-hand side).

3. if you have donated by SEPA bank transfer:

Please note that if you donate by bank transfer, we do not have your contact details at first and therefore you will not receive any further notification or confirmation of receipt of the money. However, you are welcome to leave your contact details here after your donation and let us know if you need a donation receipt.

What happens with my donation?

Your donation is administered by civilfleet-support e.V..

Civilfleet-Support e.V. administers the donations and ensures that they help as many people as possible.

If you have any questions about the fundraising campaign, please send an email to

Regular donations help us the most. They give us greater planning security and enable us to bring even more people to safety.

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