Afghanistan – Almost Forgotten


On December 19, 2022, the official admission order for the federal admission program Afghanistan was issued. We’re taking the half-year anniversary as an opportunity to give the federal government a little #RealityCheck. Because so far…

  1. … only a handful of acceptance letters have been issued through the program.
  2. … thousands of protection seekers are still waiting for safe departure.
  3. … the issuance of visas for Afghans was temporarily halted due to “security concerns”. These were motivated by a populist media campaign and appear to be almost entirely unfounded. After more than two and a half months, the procedures have still not been resumed!

As always, the people affected are those who seek protection and are at risk. We demand that the government address the reality of the people it has promised to take in. We demand that they…

  1. … resume visa procedures without delay.
  2. … assist all people who have been promised admission to leave the country safely.
  3. … provide fair access to the Federal Reception Program for all vulnerable and at-risk Afghans.

Together with our allies Medico International, the Lesbian and Gay Association, and Artists At Risk, here we tell the reality that refugees seeking protection from Afghanistan face.

We share the stories of those whose reality should matter.