Desperate cries for help from Afghan LGBTIQ*’s

Lesbian and Gay Association (LSVD)

19. June 2023- 4 min read

LSVD Artikelbild

This is only a small part of the cries for help that reach us daily. We don’t have capacities to process all of them immediately and pass them on to the Ministry of the Interior. We ask the German authorities to work faster and to inform us of their decisions of admission, so that we can prepare the evacuations and not lose time again. If we want to save people, we must now decide and act immediately.

 Jörg Hutter, Lesbian and Gay Association (LSVD)


"After the Taliban identified me and my partner, they hunted us and attacked our apartment. My friend and I only escaped from our apartment with difficulty. After the Taliban chased us, my partner and I were torn apart. The Taliban wounded my partner as we fled. We have been constantly on the run in Afghanistan ever since. The Taliban are searching for us.

Our mental health is suffering a lot. Unfortunately, I find this situation very difficult to bear. I suffer from the fact that my partner is in such a bad way, my heart aches. We live in a situation in which we can die at any moment. We ask you for for your help. Please do not leave us alone. Today we are in a very difficult situation and hope that you will save our lives and