Desperate cries for help from Afghan LGBTIQ*’s

Lesbian and Gay Association (LSVD)

19. June 2023- 4 min read

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This is only a small part of the cries for help that reach us daily. We don’t have capacities to process all of them immediately and pass them on to the Ministry of the Interior. We ask the German authorities to work faster and to inform us of their decisions of admission, so that we can prepare the evacuations and not lose time again. If we want to save people, we must now decide and act immediately.

 Jörg Hutter, Lesbian and Gay Association (LSVD)


"After the Taliban identified me and my partner, they hunted us and attacked our apartment. My friend and I only escaped from our apartment with difficulty. After the Taliban chased us, my partner and I were torn apart. The Taliban wounded my partner as we fled. We have been constantly on the run in Afghanistan ever since. The Taliban are searching for us.

Our mental health is suffering a lot. Unfortunately, I find this situation very difficult to bear. I suffer from the fact that my partner is in such a bad way, my heart aches. We live in a situation in which we can die at any moment. We ask you for for your help. Please do not leave us alone. Today we are in a very difficult situation and hope that you will save our lives and take appropriate measures."


"Because of the old religious tradition in Afghanistan, the families of my close gay friends forcibly married them. After I too became a victim of a forced marriage (...) the Taliban found out where I live and attacked my apartment. My wife and I could escape only with difficulty. I injured myself during the escape. The Taliban are now searching for both of us. They want to arrest me because I am gay, and they want to destroy my wife because she married a homosexual. (...)

I ask you today for your help: work to save our lives and do not allow the same fate happen to us that happened to the homosexuals who were executed by the Taliban."


"In prison, I was tortured and interrogated for two months because I am transgender. However, I did not admit that I am transgender. If I had, they would have executed me by stoning. But they tortured me almost to death and sexually raped me, every day and every night!

They released me from prison after some time. I was in the hospital for two weeks afterwards, because of the frequent torture and the rapes that happened to me.

After my release, the Taliban arrested, tortured and imprisoned many more homosexuals. One of my friends was forced under torture to confess that he is transgender and that he knows me. Now the Taliban are trying to arrest me again. I am now on the run and I change my location every day. I can be arrested and executed at any moment. I ask you to save my life before I am executed. Please save my life." 


"When the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, they whipped me, tortured me, and sexually assaulted me. They threatened me with execution. They arrested me, but they have not yet executed me because I am young. (...)

The Taliban arrested many transgender and homosexual people who were my friends. They executed them after torture. I ask you to save my life and not to allow that the Taliban execute and destroy me.

Today I am raped, tortured and sentenced to death because of my feelings. Tomorrow I may be executed. Please save me."


"The Taliban arrested me and then raped me and tortured me for two weeks. They arrested and executed my friends and continue to arrest and execute trans and LGBT people. (...)

Please take action to save my life. Please save my life. I have not committed a crime, I was simply born a transwoman and that is not accepted in my country. Therefore my life is threatened by death at any moment. Please save me."


"In one night I was tortured so badly and raped several times, the Taliban had to take me to the hospital so that I wouldn't die, but could stay alive.

Unfortunately, I was in a very bad health condition. I was in a coma for a month under strict medical supervision. A doctor helped me to escape from the hospital. At that time I was feeling a little better and could breathe again. After I managed to flee from the hospital, the Taliban arrested the doctor who was taking care of me. (...) The Taliban's intelligence service is looking for me in order to arrest and execute me.

I ask you to take measures to save my life. I am an innocent gay man who will be executed because of his feelings. I am not well. I have nothing anymore. I don't have money for an escape nor for medical treatment. I have no one to help me. Please save my life as soon as possible. I share all my documents with you. Please save me before it is too late. Otherwise the Taliban will arrest me again and execute me."