And the waiting goes on

Kabul Luftbrücke

19. June 2023- 5 min read

Ali: Das Warten nimmt kein Ende

“During my time in Pakistan, I had only fears and worries. I didn’t know how things would go on, what the future would bring. Would I ever arrive in Germany? How long will I have to wait here?”

After the Western military withdrew troops from Afghanistan, the radical Islamist Taliban took complete power on Aug. 15, 2021. In the chaos of the initial evacuation missions, the allocation of German admission permits to acutely endangered Afghan*s was equally chaotic and arbitrary. Family members were often left out or forgotten in the listing process. In laborious and lengthy “hardship” procedures, missing entry permits can be applied for. But for that long, families are stuck in neighboring countries at their own expense. There they can do nothing but wait, often for months.

Since the beginning of last year, a Kabul Luftbruecke shelter in Islamabad has been accommodating people who have an entry permit for Germany but whose onward journey has been delayed due to bureaucratic hurdles. Affec