Who we are

About Kabul Luftbrücke

Kabul Luftbrücke is an initiative of the non-profit organisation Civilfleet-Support. We were founded in August 2021 when the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. We didn’t want to watch while the German government failed to live up to its responsibility towards Afghans under threat. That’s when we started evacuating endangered Afghans to Germany – and we’re still doing it today.

We started as a group of journalists and activists and quickly grew with our tasks. New team members have come and stayed. Today, two dozen people – volunteers and staff from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Germany – work on the task of evacuating Afghans under threat.

What does the Kabul Luftbrücke actually do?

The German government has promised to evacuate people in need of protection from Afghanistan. But to date it has not managed to keep its promise. There are still more than 10,000 people in Afghanistan who have been promised admission to Germany. We as Kabul Luftbrücke are trying to help all those whom Germany has left behind so far.

Our teams in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Germany have been working every day since August on ways and means to get people out of the country. Every week we evacuate families at risk, provide transport, food and shelter until the families arrive in Germany.

Currently, we can only help people who have a written acceptance of admission from the German government or a German residence title. We cannot decide who gets a promise of admission. Only our government can do that.

Nevertheless, we want to advise and support as many people as possible to be able to flee Afghanistan legally and safely. That’s why we support people in obtaining an admission permit from the federal government and advocate for a policy that allows threatened people to enter Germany. That is why we advocate for a federal admission programme that does justice to the situation in Afghanistan and for an accelerated processing of cases. This is the only way to ensure that Afghans under threat can be evacuated as quickly as possible.

How can I support Kabul Luftbrücke?

Our work is only possible thanks to your financial support. Without your donations, we as a non-profit association could not do our work. Let’s evacuate people from Afghanistan together. Become our ally.

Regular donations help us the most. They give us more planning security and enable us to bring even more people to safety. Become an ally.

What does Kabul Luftbrücke do with the donated money?

Unless a specific purpose is defined, we use all donations to evacuate vulnerable people from Afghanistan. For example, we use the money to pay for buses between Kabul (Afghanistan) and Islamabad (Pakistan), accommodation or medical care for Afghans.

If at some point civilian evacuations from Afghanistan are no longer reasonably possible, we will use it elsewhere to support people on the run as effectively as possible.

How can I find out more about Kabul Luftbrücke and its work?

We try to keep you as informed as possible about our work on this homepage and via social media. Follow us on these platforms:

Instagram: instagram.com/kabul_luftbruecke/

Twitter: twitter.com/KabulLuftbrucke

Facebook: facebook.com/kabulluftbruecke