One year Kabul Luftbrücke – We are still evacuating!

Come along, get to know us and discuss with us!
Friday, 12 August 2022, 4pm

@ ://about blank, Markgrafendamm 24c, 10245 Berlin

On August 12th we want to invite you to spend the afternoon and evening with us at about blank! We would like to use this time together to network, get to know you and say thank you to our growing community of allies, supporters and evacuees. Without your support and backing, our journey to this point would not have been possible!

Welcoming you to our event gives us the opportunity to create an open space for exchange. Together with affected people we want to look back at the past year to learn, reflect, and offer a platform to share experiences.

Kabul Luftbrücke is a civil society initiative that takes responsibility and evacuates vulnerable people from Afghanistan. Since its formation a year ago, we have managed to bring more than 2,700 people to safety.


16:00 Admission
17:00 Welcome by the founders (Theresa Breuer & Ruben Neugebauer)
17:05 Panel 1:
1 Year Kabul Luftbrücke – Updates & Ask Us Anything
For one year we, as a donor-funded NGO from civil society, have been doing the job that should actually be done by the federal government. What has happened in the meantime? And how should it continue?KLB-Team: Mojeeb, Tareq, Tilly, Herta, Sami, Therese, Theresa, Ruben, …
17:45 Surprise guest (tba.)
18:00 Fashion Show „Freedom to choose“ by Hamed Valy
18:15 Panel 2:
World in Between – Reflections on Loss and new Beginnings
What is it like to leave your home country? What does it mean to be free? What does it feel like to be here and not in Afghanistan anymore?Salma Hussaini (Model/Miss Afghanistan), Nabila Horakhsh (Artist), Shogufa Bayat (Mountaineer), Mohammad Amin Naadim (Artist/Carpenter), Shekib Mosadeq (Musician), Halimyar Tokhi Waheed (Head at Directorate of Cabinet Coordination Affairs, Administrative Office of the President, Afghanistan)
18:50 Video „Her Dream, Her Pain: Despicted and Quoted“ by Tahora Husaini
19:00 Shekib Mosadeq (live)
20:30 Get Jealous (live)
22:00 p/kstr (DJ-Set)
00:00 Transition to the follow-up event

Exhibition of works by artists from Afghanistan

In an art exhibition on the wall behind the stage of the ://about blank, Afghan artists show their works. Some of these works were evacuated from Afghanistan with their creators, others were created in Pakistan or Germany after the evacuation. In their works, the artists deal with the role and representation of women, with social oppression, uprising and freedom. We are very pleased that four of the five artists will be present.
Nabila Horakhsh, Mohammad Amin Naadim and Ehsanullah Wakili left Afghanistan with the support of the Kabul Luftbrücke and now live in Hamburg and Berlin. Tahora Husaini came to Germany back in 2014 for her Master’s degree. Sohaiba Taraki currently lives in Pakistan and is waiting for her visa to study at the Berlin University of the Arts.

Nabila Horakhsh
Tahora Husaini
Mohammad Amin Naadim
Sohaiba Taraki
Ehsanullah Wakili

Information for Afghans

Of course, you are all our guests! Please send us a short email and we will put you on the guest list. By the way, this also applies to all other people who cannot afford an entrance fee at the moment. We don’t want to exclude anyone and want to celebrate together with all of you.

Information for press representatives

In principle, there is a strict ban on taking photos and videos in the ://about blank.

An exception is made for press representatives who have applied for accreditation in advance. Accredited press representatives are allowed to take pictures of the stage programme, but not of the audience.

If there are people in the picture who are not part of the stage programme, they must be made unrecognisable before publication.

There will be so-called press angels on site who will be happy to help you and whom you can contact if you have any questions. These angels will also make sure that everyone abides by the agreed rules.

We will have photos taken by professional photographers. We will be happy to make these available to you afterwards upon request.

Further Information