(Federal Admission Program)

What’s the Deal?”

The German government has announced an admission program for Afghans at risk – what does that mean, and how does it work?

IMPORTANT: The application for the admission program through us or another registering NGO does NOT require any payment. Providers inside or outside of the country who take your money are NOT official and they CANNOT register you for the program.

The ministries of the interior and exterior have finalized a humanitarian admission program, which will cover 1000 people (family members already included) per month; HOWEVER, note the following:

  • The program has NOT been launched officially yet and will proceed in layered selection rounds. Therefore, it will likely take a few more months until new admission approvals are issued. Kabul Luftbrücke also can’t do more at the moment.
  • Individuals CAN NOT register with the government themselves.
  • Only selected NGOs can do that, one of which is Kabul Luftbrücke.
  • We will publish detailed information on how we will proceed on this on our website.
  • Sending us attachments in emails at the moment is not helpful and might lead to our servers crashing and your data being unprotected.
  • People eligible for the program must be IN Afghanistan while being registered for the program and must be documentarily ready to travel to make use of an admission approval.
  • Please DO NOT move to neighbouring countries or any other third country, and DO NOT travel anywhere illegally.
  • The selection process of people to enter the program lies with the German government.
  • We cannot guarantee, speed up, influence or track applications we submit.

Here you can find our FAQ section on the new program, which is updated continuously.