(Federal Admission Program)

What’s the Deal?”

Update on Suspension of Admission Program

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The German government has announced an admission program for Afghans at risk – what does that mean, and how does it work?

IMPORTANT: The application for the admission program with us or another registering NGO does NOT require any payment. Providers inside or outside of the country who take your money are NOT official and they CANNOT register you for the program.

The ministries of the interior and exterior have finalized a humanitarian admission program, which will cover 1000 people (family members already included) per month; HOWEVER, note the following:

  • The program proceeds in layered selection rounds. Therefore, it is not an emergency evacuation programme, but will stretch over the next months and possibly years
  • Individuals CAN NOT register with the government themselves.
  • Only selected NGOs, one of which is Kabul Luftbruecke, can propose individuals for the program.
  • Each proposal submitted by an NGO must then be reviewed by the “Civil Society Coordination Unit”, and can then be entered as an application into the Admission Program.
  • For receiving all relevant instructions and information about the programme and how to get registered with us, use this link: KLB Registration for Admission Program
  • Sending us applications with attachments in emails is not helpful and might lead to our servers crashing and your data being unprotected.
  • The programme is designed and executed by the German government. The government’s website section on the programme you can find here: Federal Admission Program for Afghanistan
  • The selection process of people to enter the programme lies with the German government.
  • We cannot guarantee, speed up, influence or track applications we submit.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the new Federal Admission Program we have put the following questions and answers together. Please note that these answers are preliminary and are continuously updated.

The programme is directed towards Afghans who are “especially vulnerable and are at great personal risk due their commitment to a democratic Afghanistan.” (https://www.bundesaufnahmeprogrammafghanistan.de/bundesaufnahme-en)

Please note that this is NOT an emergency evacuation programme, and the decisions for admission lie with the German government.

You cannot register yourself for the admission program, this can only be done by organizations based in Germany. All relevant steps and information about the program and how to register with us can be found here: KLB Registration for the Federal Admission Program

No. Since the information requested for the federal admission program differs from the data previously requested, registration must unfortunately be repeated. You will continue to register through the KLB Registration for the Federal Admission Program. If you need assistance registering for the admissions program, follow the instructions in the confirmation email sent after registration, or by clicking the “Manuals” link after login.

Registering with Koordinierungsstelle is not automatically a registration for the admission programme. Please use this link for further information: (https://www.koordinierungsstelle.org)

No. Momentarily, the selection procedure of the admission programme only addresses people who are residing in Afghanistan at the moment of registration. (https://www.bundesaufnahmeprogrammafghanistan.de/bundesaufnahme-en/bundesaufnahmeprogramm-faq/-/2557876).

No. The local travel agencies have NO role in this program. Only a limited number of organizations based in Germany have the access to registration to this program.

No. The new admission program does not require any sort of payment.