What does Kabul Luftbrücke actually do?

We sometimes get the feedback that many people don’t know exactly what we do. Many even believe that our work is long over. That would be very nice indeed! The name “Kabul Luftbrücke” (Kabul Airlift) is perhaps a little confusing and misleading? After all, most evacuations are carried out by minibusses. We have only chartered a plane three times and flown it to Kabul, simply to prove that this is possible. At this time, the German government always vehemently denied that. Here we explain what our daily work is and how most evacuations are carried out.

Four-part rbb documentary “MISSION Kabul Luftbrücke”

The images on this page are screenshots from the film “MISSION Kabul Luftbrücke”. The four-part documentary explains the work of Kabul Airlift more precisely. It is freely available in the ARD media library: https://bit.ly/mission-klb

Who are the people we are evacuating from Afghanistan?

The people come from different sectors of society: judges, intellectuals, climate activists, athletes, LGBTIQ people, women’s rights activists and many more. Countless others are still on our lists and are still stuck in Afghanistan.

Learn the stories of these people