News from Kabul Luftbrücke

Here you will find the latest news about the work of Kabul Luftbrücke and our efforts to create a federal reception programme. For security reasons, we cannot report on the evacuation measures until they have been completed.

  • "We must not forget the people who have stood up for a liberal Afghanistan every day. All those who do not conform to the Taliban's world view must fear for their lives. They must be saved, regardless of whether they have a direct connection to Germany or not!"

  • 2-year-old Afat was our 1000th evacuee on 6 December 2021. She, her family and other Afghans were able to leave Kabul by land. We are very happy for the evacuees and continue to work without interruption to enable as many people in need of protection as possible to leave.

  • This morning we evacuated 148 people from Afghanistan on a donor-funded charter flight, including two of the Afghan air traffic controllers who had previously worked for the Bundeswehr.

  • We continue to evacuate people: In recent weeks, we have been able to expand different ways of evacuating people by air and land, and your donations have already helped 423 people to flee.

  • Participants: Theresa Breuer, Mattea Weihe, Ruben Neugebauer

Who are the people we are evacuating from Afghanistan?

The people come from different sectors of society: judges, intellectuals, climate activists, athletes, LGBTIQ people, women’s rights activists and many more. Countless others are still on our lists and are still stuck in Afghanistan.

Learn the stories of these people